Slovakia defeats Italy on Day 2

presented by A Quechua, Jacques Lemans und LISAGEST



Wien / Lignano, 28. August 2014: The good weather conditions on day 2 set the scene for a perfect second Championship day. The international crowd came to the Beach Arena and during the games one needed to be lucky to find a seat or space in the area. Due to the rain and the intense grooming work, the arena was even more speedy and flat and though the athlets could even make faster turns and longer hits – the results showed these facts as Slovakia defeaeted Italy 10:1 and Liechtenstein won 15:3 against Czech Repulic.

„We are very happy that the weather was good so that the locals but also the international guests came to the arena, as this is what makes our events so unique – fun, action and a good atmosphere!“ states Uwe Seebacher, PIPA President and Tournament Director. The crowd was cheering for the teams and made the players and ponies play attractive and powerful. The ball was moving forward and backward and one could hardly follow the game.


The team of LISAGEST did again a terrific job entertaining the crowd and explaining the polo games. In the first game Slovakia played incredibly. Agardi scored 8 goals during the four chukkers. His female team mate Alexandra Bencikova finalized the game with 2 goals so that Team Italy had to take a defeat of 10:1 (2:1, 6:1, 7:1, 10:1). The game got interrupted by a crash of two players during which some material broke which had to be replaced. Umpire Seebacher did a good job ensuring  the flow in all games „eventhough it is not easy to umpire at floodlight in this arena not being mounted and right next to the players!“ he says.


In the break the crowd visited the polo ponies right next to the arena and went for some drinks at the bars around the arena. The second game started again on time between Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic. The man of the day certainly was the Czech player Marek Polan who hit some impressive shots. Also very nice to watch was the Liechtenstein-Italo player Gerardo Cosentino who socred an unbelievable nearside backhander from 15 meters which he received volley from his Team mate. In the end Liechtenstein played 15:2 (5:0, 10:0, 13:1, 15:3)


After another day of Polo action at the Lignano beach arena the players met at the Atlantic Beach Hotel at Lungomare and enjoyed as guests of Family Andretta a wonderful fingerfood buffet and refreshing drinks.


After Day 2 the standings are: Liechtenstein 6 points, and Slovakia and Czech Republic have each 3 points from each one victory. The locals from the Team of Italy so far can only count 0 points. This means that it will remain open until the finals of todays last games. The finals start today at 8.30pm. The first game will play Czech Repulic against Slovakia  and at 9.30pm Liechtenstein plays La Squadra Italia.




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